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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

Willenhall Tenants & Residents Association (WTRA)

CHAIR - Mr Ken Latchford

VICE CHAIR - Mrs Betty Ennis


MINUTE SECRETARY - Mrs Gina Latchford

TREASURER - Mrs Shanezz Reynolds


COMMITTEE MEMBER - Mr David Reynolds


Tel: 07719 822501


Contact Address: WEETC, St James Housing Office or Neighbourhood Management Office, Barley Lea, Stoke Aldermoor

About your group

Our Association covers the whole of the Willenhall area, including Willenhall Wood and all areas covered by the most recent Electoral Ward Map.

Our aim is to support all local tenants and residents on a number of local issues and to be a real voice for all local people.Our aim is to provide information on what services and activities are available locally, to insure that Willenhall has a voice in proposals or planned changes for the area and to raise issues that are of concern with and to those who can make a difference.We work with local people to find ways to get positives results or compromise; by working with local officials, statutory organisations, outside agencies and local individuals.

We give assistance and support to all local people but particularly to those who are vulnerable, marginalised and under represented in our area.One of our highest priorities is the focus of stamping out anti-social behaviour and hate crime to ensure our area is safe.We do all we can to build tolerance within our community, to enable all individuals of our diversity community to feel that they truly belong and are a part of our local and wider community of Coventry.

On the whole we have a good turn out at our monthly meetings but would love to have more attended to raise issues and to give support to those active committee members who are at times stretched to their limit.We have an open meeting every third Wednesday of each month at .They are held at the Willenhall Education, Employment and Training Centre (WEETC) on in Willenhall. Additionally we have a number of social events during the year.

We aim to make Willenhall an area to be proud of, to ensure all who live and visit Willenhall can hold the area in height esteem, for Willenhall to be a place where all residents and those who have an interest, can be proud of and want to live work or visit.

Our motto is ‘Together we can make a difference; together we can make that change’

For more information please contact: Joan Allen (07719 822501) or Ken Latchford (07875 689834) or drop a letter for our attention in at the WEETC, Neighbourhood Management Office - Stoke Aldermoor or St James Housing Office.

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