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Swaminarayan Hindu Mission

CONTACT PERSON: Mr Narendra Chohan

Tel: 024 7622 8605 (evenings)


About your group

The Swaminarayan Hindu Mission in the UK is a branch of the worldwide movement of the Bochasanwasi Akshar Purushottam Sanstha (usually abbreviated to BAPS), which is based in India. The founder of the Swaminarayan Sect, Lord Swaminarayan, was born in India in 1781AD and is considered, first and foremost, as a social reformer.

His edicts/rules of living are summarised in a small book of 212 verses dictating how his disciples should live according to Hindu Philosophy called the Shikshapatri. The teachings of Lord Swaminarayan are continued through a succession of Gurus who head and guide the faith.


Notable International Achievements:

  • Cultural Festival of India, Alexandra Palace, London
  • Cultural Festival of India, New Jersey, USA


Shree Swaminarayan Mandir, Neasden

This huge project completed in 1995 is an eternal testimony to the determination, dedication, and inspiration of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the present Guru and head of the faith.

The aims of our organisation are entrenched deep in Vaishnav (non-violent) Hindu Philosophy and provide the following to everyone:


Moral and Cultural Care

  • Inspiring and peaceful life, free from crime, aggression, and addiction.
  • 7 International Cultural Festivals
  • 340,000 assemblies worldwide per year
  • 40,000 volunteers (contributing 10.7 million volunteers hours in serving society)
  • International Cultural Examinations/Competitions/Conventions.

Medical Care

  • 8 charitable hospitals and healthcare centres
  • Free dispensaries and clinics at all major BAPS centres
  • Free medicine and medical camps
  • Ayurvedic pharmacy and health awareness
  • Financial help

Educational Care

  • 10 student hostels
  • 10 primary and secondary schools
  • 3 colleges and research centres
  • 23 colleges and schools given financial aid

Women's Wing

  • 9 training camps
  • Womanhood development programme
  • Publications and periodicals
  • Educational work
  • Clean up campaigns undertaken by BAPS women
  • Prayers for patients

Relief Work

  • Famine relief work
  • Earthquake relief work (reconstructing entire towns and villages)
  • Flood relief work
  • Cyclone relief work
  • 19 disaster relief operations (in India, Tanzania, Kenya, USA, and Ethiopia)

Environmental Care

  • 7 million aluminium cans collected for recycling.
  • Tons of paper recycled
  • Plant-a-tree campaign (1.2 million trees planted in India alone).
  • Water conservation projects (15 check dams, 6 percolation tanks, 17 farm ponds)
  • 102 watershed projects
  • Slar energy and bio gas used at BAPS centers

Social care

  • Anti-addiction camps
  • Family assembly campaigns
  • Anti-dowry campaigns
  • Literacy campaigns

Tribal Care

  • 30 tribal uplift centres
  • Education camps
  • Women’s uplift programmes
  • Medical services

Spiritual care

  • Sadhus (saints): more than 635 young committed sadhus from around the world form the backbone of BAPS activities. They are strict celibates who avoid even touching money and observe lifetime vows of:
  • Nishkam - non-lust
  • Nirlobh - non-greed
  • Nissneh - non-attachment
  • Nisswad - non-taste
  • Nirman - non-ego
  • Mandirs - HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj has recently been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for inspiring the construction of 500 Mandirs worldwide; a feat never achieved before.
  • Morning puja - every Swaminarayan devotee begins their day by performing morning puja, involving meditation, self-introspection, spiritual visualisation, rituals and scripture reading.


In Coventry, the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission has approximately 20 families who regularly meet for religious gatherings and cultural events and have been doing so every week since 1988. Of these there are about 30 youngsters who follow the faith. We are currently trying to procure a building so that we have a place for regular worship and so that we can develop a centre for learning here in Coventry.

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