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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

St. Catherine's Residents Association

CHAIR - Virginia Eneje

TREASURER - Jane Cotton

SECRETARY - Jacqui Coleman

CONTACT PERSON - Virginia Eneje

Tel: 024 7665 0641


Contact Address: 28 St. Catherine's Close, Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry, CV3 1EH

About Your Group

St. Catherine's Residents Association is made up of all residents in the close. The main aim of the Association is to promote understanding amongst the residents, build a stronger neighbourhood with more togetherness and harmony, and to make our close a safe place.

The Association, by working together with our street wardens and the police, have given a very positive and better quality of life to every home in St. Catherine's Close.

There is less anti-social behaviour from young people in the close because residents will not tolerate this kind of negative behaviour. Elderly residents enjoy the positive impact the Association has made in the close and above all there is no fear of crime in the close. All the positives are due to the residents working together to improve their quality of life.

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