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The Osaba Women's Centre

CHAIR / PRESIDENT - Carmen McDonald

TREASURER - Wyn Anderson

SECRETARY - Chris Hall

CONTACT PERSON - Penny Parrott/Cavelle Lynch

Tel: 024 7622 2816/024 7622 1816



About Your Group

Osaba Women’s Centre is a voluntary sector organisation that provides services to African/African Caribbean and dual heritage women, children and young people. Osaba has been operating in the Hillfields area for over 20 years and has continuously improved and expanded its remit in an effort to provide more effective and efficient services to the community.

Osaba’s services include a full time Nursery offering childcare for 35 children. We offer education and training courses, vocational courses, and other types of courses to suit the needs of our women and young people in the community. Osaba has a domestic violence service to assist and support women who are experiencing domestic violence and other forms of violence, we also advocate and promote health issues.

Osaba also advocates on all issues that affect women, children and young people.

Further Osaba plays a key role in influencing policy on matters relating to domestic violence, and will seek to do so in many other areas that affect women, children and young people.

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