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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

Mothers Union - Action and Outreach

PRESIDENT - Mrs Felicity Hawke

SECRETARY - Mrs Pauline Wilkes

CONTACT PERSON - Mrs Evelyn Warwick

Tel: 024 7627 3111


Contact Address - 21 Harborough Road, Whitmore Park, Coventry, CV6 4FP

About Your Group

We are a Christian organisation promoting marriage and family life through branch meetings, visits and prayer groups. We have contact with an overseas group which we support financially. We try to deter teenage pregnancy at Sunday school and by visiting schools with 'virtual babies'.

We provide holidays for the desperate and disadvantaged, young and unemployed mums, carry out prison visits and make garments for premature babies.

For further information contact Mrs Evelyn Warwick via the details above, or Mavis Spiers, tel: 024 7650 1022; 45 William Bristow Road, Coventry CV3 5LN.

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