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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

Mercia MS Therapy Centre

CHAIR - Graham Bliss

TREASURER - William Blundell

SECRETARY - Zoe Seville-Edden

CONTACT PERSON - Zoe Seville-Edden

Tel: 024 7661 1088


Contact address: 8 Macefield Close, Aldermanís Green Industrial Estate, Coventry, CV2 2PJ

Newsletter details: Monthly

About Your Group                  

Mercia MS Therapy Centre is a self-help group for people with multiple sclerosis. We provide therapies, advice and a social meeting place for those with MS and their carers/partners and families. Therapies on offer are oxygen therapy, physiotherapy, reflexology, acupuncture massage, counseling, yoga, therapeutic and aromatherapy massage. Membership is £2 per year.

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