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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

Grub 'n' Gab Club & Coventry Open Christmas

CONTACT PERSON - Mike or Sylvia - 024 76551585 or 07722051585


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The Grub n Gab Club & Coventry Open Christmas has two key functions:

  1. The provision of company and a hot lunch for homeless and lonely people in the city centre of Coventry every Saturday (currently based at Norton House) between 11.30am  1.30pm
  1. The provision of night shelter facilities for homeless people for 5 nights over the Christmas period.  The night shelter has no permanent base, using church halls if available (the last 2 years have been based at Queens Road Baptist Church on Grosvenor Road prior to this we were at St. John the Baptist Church Hall).

The organization is entirely run by volunteers and subsists on donated food and cash from the general public, local companies and other organizations. 

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