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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

Coventry Lions

CHAIR / PRESIDENT - David Burton


SECRETARY - Elizabeth Birch


Tel: 024 7641 9450


Contact Address: 36 Canon Close, Coventry CV4 7AS

Coventry Lions are part of an international service charity organisation, working for those in need. In Coventry we work mainly for local organisations & individuals to raise funds for their cause.

We hold a variety of events to raise money including Donkey Derby & Charities Fair in August, a concert at Christmas in December, plus a number of other smaller events.

Over the years we have raised over half a million pounds at the Donkey Derby alone, & we have supported various departments at local hospitals - eye, children’s, cancer etc; Coventry Myton Hospice; organisations for children, the elderly & the disabled; and so on, plus many individuals requiring 'one off' assistance for a particular need.

Although our club was formed over 40 years ago, we are now quite a small group, but will continue to raise money for community needs as we always have done. We are constantly hoping to increase our membership, in order that we can do more as the years go on.

Volunteer help at our biggest event, the Donkey Derby & Charities Fair, is always welcome.

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