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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

British Pensioners and Trade Union Action Association

CHAIR / PRESIDENT - Gurdial Singh Guru

TREASURER - Jack Gould

SECRETARY - Alan Wilkins

CONTACT PERSON - Christopher L Smith

Contact Address: 30 Wareham Green, Walsgrave, Coventry CV2 2JL

About your group

Coventry branch of the BP&TUAA is a branch of a national organisation which itself is affiliated to the National Pensioners Convention (NPC) – again a national organisation, which is the umbrella for pensioners’ organisations within the UK. Both are campaigning and social organisations, but whilst they co-operate they are totally independent of each other. Campaigning consists of opposing all forms in both the social and political sectors, which are considered to be detrimental in any way to present and future pensioners. Primary considerations are: provision of an adequate pension; poverty; living conditions; health and wellbeing including the disabled; and transport both national and local.

Social events involve providing facilities for pensioners to take part in all local and national social events plus trips to museums, theatres, day trips to the seaside, and local get-togethers with other groups. Representation is also effective in the lobbying of local and national politicians, and discussions with Authorities and MPs regarding pensioners’ issues. It must be stressed that whilst lobbying takes place by both organisations (BP&TUAA and NPC) they are not politically aligned and reserve the right to hold discussion and negotiation with any party or individual both political and non-political regarding pensioners’ welfare.

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