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Coventry CEN [Picture of Coventry skyline]

African Welfare Association

CHAIR - Virginia Eneje

TREASURER - Ms Roseline Gicovi

SECRETARY - Mr Lloyd Parehwa

CONTACT PERSON - Virginia Eneje

Tel: 024 7665 0641


Contact Address: - 28 St. Catherine's Close, Stoke Aldermoor, Coventry, CV3 1EH

About your group

This is a group of Africans in Coventry. This association is City-wide and was launched on the 6th June 2004 by councillors, and the different faiths and religions of the white and black communities in Coventry.

The African Welfare Association aims to promote understanding, co-operation and solidarity amongst Africans in Coventry, by working together towards the furtherance of human rights.

The Association advocates on behalf of Africans who are having problems, and supports those with immigration problems and above all provides a venue where Africans can meet, eat their own foods, talk about experiences of everyday living in the UK, learn from each other, and feel 'at home'.

Above all the Association wants to offer support and learning through networking with other associations, so networking both in the UK and abroad is a major objective. We want to work with all Africans regardless of their status in the UK, their religion, gender, class or disability.

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